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Have you been audited by the IRS? Are you looking for a tax resolution company that will help you get your life back on track? Outstanding Tax Schaumburg is here to help. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to handle all of your tax needs, no matter how big or small they may be.
We understand that taxation can be extremely stressful, especially if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of tax law. This is why we provide personalized services to every client that walks through our door. We work with individuals, families, small businesses, multi-million dollar companies, celebrities, athletes, entertainers – you name it!

Your Success is Our Success - Ways We Can Help

We offer various financial services, including cash flow management, investments, loans & lines of credit, and more. We’ll take care of all your financial needs, from start to finish.


We help organizations and individuals manage and protect their businesses by using the latest technology, helping to grow the company and protect it from outside risks like tax regulations or industry changes. We have a highly trained staff of professionals who can help you from start to finish with all your tax and accounting needs. Our team is knowledgeable in handling various clients, including individuals, nonprofit organizations, trusts, estates, and corporations.


We offer various legal services, including commercial transactions, business formations & acquisitions, estates, transactions, property, licenses, and more. We also provide transactional and litigation support to business, property & planning attorneys, and general counsel. We can step in as your top-tier legal firm, handling all aspects of the law for you and your business. We'll make sure that we do everything in our power to create a lasting relationship with you.


We will act as your full-service financial firm, handling all aspects of the field for you. Our extensive experience allows us to provide the highest quality financial services to our clients, from banking solutions to financial consulting. We will help our clients achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals by using the latest innovations in technology combined with traditional tools and methods.

Who We Are

Outstanding Tax Schaumburg is a professional firm that provides tax, legal, and financial services to businesses and individuals. We dedicate ourselves to our client’s tax and accounting management needs, and we give the highest priority to the quality of our work and our client relationships. We take pride in recognizing that each of our clients has a different set of needs and expectations, and we will always work tirelessly to meet those individual requirements.

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We're Here For You.

Outstanding Tax Schaumburg is here to help you cut through the red tape of the IRS. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to handle all of your tax needs, no matter how big or small they may be.

Do you need assistance preparing for an audit or filing an amended return? Are you looking for someone that can handle all aspects of your case? Do you want experienced professionals working on your behalf?

We’re ready and waiting. With combined experience, our professional tax resolution consultants know what it takes to get favorable results, and we’re prepared and equipped with all that we need to help you resolve any Outstanding Tax Schaumburg issues quickly and easily.

Anytime, Anywhere.

We are aware that many of our clients are juggling family responsibilities along with the pressures of running a business. We offer easy access to every one of our services, making it possible to get in touch whenever you need us.

Whether you are sitting down for an in-person tax review, communicating with us through phone or email, or interacting with one of our social media channels, Outstanding Tax Schaumburg is here to help. Make it easier on yourself.

We are Doing the Things that Work

We know what works, and we use innovative processes to resolve your tax issues quickly and cost-effectively. Our team of qualified professionals is ready to leave no stone unturned to help you regain peace of mind by resolving your Outstanding Tax Schaumburg matters.

Let Outstanding Tax Schaumburg take charge while you focus on what’s important. You can fill out our contact form on this website or call us today for more information!

We Strive to Take Care of Your Family and Business

We know that no two cases are the same, and that is why we tailor our services to fit your specific needs. We don’t use generic template letters as many tax resolution firms do – our process is personalized for each client every step of the way. We will make sure we find all of the deductions that we can, including rental property deductions, donations, and more.

Tax Preparers vs. Tax & Accounting Firms: What's the Difference?

Whether you’re a business owner, personal filer, or in any other financial role, if your company isn’t utilizing certified professionals to handle the tax side of things, then they might be missing out on significant benefits and deductions.

Tax Preparers

Tax preparers generally work for a single company and often have no other financial or legal services to offer. They do not consult their clients long term, usually only meeting up once to carry out tax preparation work. This can be both beneficial and somewhat problematic for some people’s situations. Many people feel that they only need help during tax season – if you come across any problems outside of this busy time of year, you are forced to manage these alone until the next tax season rolls around again.

Tax & Accounting Firms:

Professional tax and accounting firms are the go-to professionals for individual financial matters and advising businesses, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies. They assist with accounting, tax planning, and compliance services. Tax & Accounting Firms dedicate themselves to helping you manage your business’s financial needs on an ongoing basis – meaning that they offer far more than just filing services at the end of January! They can consult on tax-efficient business structures, payroll matters, audits, reviews and compilations, financial accounting and reporting, tax planning, compliance matters, and more. With their help, you can ensure that your business is always in the best possible position.

5 Benefits To Using A Professional Tax & Accounting Service

Hiring a professional can offer many advantages to a business or individual. Here are just a few: